Dr. Martin Fernunson

​On Being a Dentist

As a dentist, I have a positive impact on the lives of my patients. It’s especially rewarding when I’m able to restore a patient’s dental function and give them the confidence to smile large, without worry.

I enjoy being a dentist. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a hobby and a profession that are one and the same. I am one of the fortunate people in that way. I find great personal and professional satisfaction when I deliver high-quality care and exceed a patient’s expectations.

The relationships I develop with my patients are incredible. When they trust me and choose to share their life stories and experiences, I become part of their life, and I learn from them. Each person in my care is a wonderful individual, and we develop a rapport based on mutual respect and trust.

My Education and Continuing Education

I’m passionate about continuingly expanding my knowledge and skills. That’s part of the responsibility of being a dentist, but it’s also personal to me. I like learning.

I’m a member of an international oral healthcare study group, with specialists from the United States, Europe, and Argentina. I also pursue clinical continuing education courses to stay abreast of the latest techniques in implant and restorative dentistry. It’s essential I am current on developments, so I am able to provide my patients with the best care available.

My family 

I’m originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2006 I moved to Kirkland, WA,  My wife and I have a young daughter and son. 

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Dental exams and cleanings are imperative to oral health. A healthy mouth is a healthy body!
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