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When you are having problem with your teeth, one of the worst parts of the experience can be making multiple trips to the dentist instead of getting everything done in one trip.


CEREC allows you to save time and get better results by taking advantage of advanced technology to restore your teeth in 1-day. 

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During a chair side treatment, our dentist, Dr. Fernunson carries out all the steps, from digital impressions and computer-based construction of the restoration to the milling process, inside their office. 

Dr. Fernunson uses an intraoral camera to take a photo of the preparation, the antagonist teeth, and the bite situation. Based on the images, the CEREC software creates a virtual model of the patient’s tooth situation. 

He uses this model to construct the tooth restoration on the screen and then passes on the finished construction within the office’s network or sends it wirelessly to a milling machine. 



Normal restorative dentistry requires more than one visit to the dental office. However, with CEREC, you can skip all the unnecessary dental visits for time-wasting temporaries and uncomfortable impressions.

The perfect-fitting crown can be completed in just one visit. Here at  Fernunson Dental, we use digital impressions, which are more comfortable for patients than traditional messy impressions. 

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